Thigh Lift

Thin and long feet of the beautiful sitting womanA thigh lift specifically removes excess skin and fat along the inner and outer thighs. The results are a more contoured look for your upper leg. This surgery is usually the solution for people who have undergone massive weight loss where excess skin is an issue, and this skin has lost elasticity. For patients where cellulite is an issue but the skin of the thigh still has good elasticity, liposuction is probably the better option. It can be performed as its own surgery or as part of a more extensive body lift.

Thigh lift is a full surgical procedure, and you will be put under general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of the lift, you could have one of two incision placements, either in the outer thigh or the medial thigh. The outer incision starts in the groin area and extends downward to the back of the thigh, following the crease of the groin. The medial incision is less extensive and is only in the groin area.

With either incision, excess skin and fat will be removed and the skin of the upper thigh will be lifted and reconnected with sutures. Your results will be visible almost immediately, and they will continue to improve as your incisions heal and your swelling goes down.

You will need to take sufficient time for your recovery. Your incisions are in your groin area, so you will need to stay off your feet for 1-2 weeks. Plan to take time off work, and try to have people around to help you. If you have young children, you will also want people around to help take care of them. You will also have special bandages and dressing that you will need to keep in the area to avoid any abrasion or rubbing to your stitches.

Your full surgical and recovery plans will be discussed during your consultation and follow-up visits. Bring any information about your medical history to discuss with the doctors. You will have separate medical evaluation in addition to reviewing your medical history, then you will create a surgical plan.