Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed each year. Whether you want a naturally full look or a more augmented profile, the plastic surgeons of Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah can help you achieve your ideal figure.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery, or augmentation mammoplasty, restores or adds volume to the breasts to give you a fuller figure. There are many different ways to perform breast augmentation, including the use of saline or silicone breast implants placed over the muscle, under the muscle, or partially over the muscle, depending on your individual needs.

Silicone gel breast implants are a fixed size that is selected during your consultation. Saline breast implants are made of a silicone shell that is filled with a saline solution during your procedure. This type of implant can be helpful in correcting breast asymmetry since they’re more customizable. There are benefits to each placement option as well, depending on factors like your existing body composition and the type of breast profile you want.

Your plastic surgeon will also help you select from a few different incision patterns including around the areola, under the breast crease, or within the armpit. Some incision patterns may work better with certain implant types, but each incision pattern can be easily concealed within clothing and the natural contours of the body.

What patients are saying

“Dr. Paul Watterson and his staff were beyond amazing. Had breast augmentation performed yesterday and I couldn’t wait to leave this review. I was comfortable the moment I met him and he makes you feel heard and cared for every step of the way. I know it’s only been a day but I am thrilled with my results. I absolutely recommend Dr. Watterson for anyone who’s considering any form of plastic surgery!”

“Happy with results and every step of the way was comfortable”

“This is my SECOND time having surgery with Dr.
Fryer. I loved my first experience with him years ago, and decided to come back for different surgery. I am so happy with my results once again, words can’t explain enough how happy I am with my results! I had so much excitement going in to my surgery and most importantly confidence in Dr. Fryer. I appreciate how much time he spent explaining everything to me. I also appreciate the nurses for answering my questions.”

“Dr. Howland and his staff are a DREAM to work with!! I traveled from out of state and from making the initial consult all the way to post op questions, Dr. Howland and his staff have been nothing but friendly, funny, prompt and professional. I’m a mom of 5 and Dr. Howland gave me back SO much confidence! he’s got amazing talent without the monster ego that comes with other plastic surgeons.”

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Who’s a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

There are a lot of good reasons for wanting breast augmentation surgery. It can increase both the fullness and projection of your breasts, improve the balance of your figure, and enhance your self-image and confidence. Breast augmentation is frequently combined with a breast lift to correct sag or droop, a condition known as ptosis.

Good candidates for breast augmentation are women in good health and who want to achieve larger, fuller breasts. Breast augmentation is a common part of a mommy makeover. Your plastic surgeon will help you determine whether breast augmentation is the best option for your goals during your consultation.

What Happens During Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. To begin, your plastic surgeon will perform an incision and create a pocket within the breast tissue for the implant. The placement technique will be different for saline and silicone implants – the saline implant shell is placed within the breast and filled once it’s in place while silicone implants are placed in one piece. Your plastic surgeon will also account for placement under the pectoral muscles, on top of them, or a combination of both. Once the implants are in place, the incisions are closed, and you’ll be fitted with a special surgical bra for your recovery. Afterward, you can return home.

Breast Augmentation Results and Recovery

You should plan to take 1-2 weeks to recover after breast augmentation. It’s important to wear your surgical bra as much as possible and avoid sleeping on your side or chest. You should also avoid lifting heavy objects, so if you have pets or children, you’ll need to enlist help for a few weeks. You’ll be given detailed instructions by our team on things like incision care, prescription medications, and follow-up appointments. It’s normal to experience residual swelling for a few months and for your implants to feel high up on the chest until they settle into their final position. The result is a fuller and more prominent look to the breasts once fully recovered. Breast implants can last for a very long time and your plastic surgeon can help you understand what to look for when it comes to signs of complication.

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