Rhinoplasty New York City

Cosmetic nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to change the shape and structure of a patient’s nose. The doctors of Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah can increase or decrease the size and shape of your nose depending on your vision and goals. We can correct humps, bumps, crooked shapes and other irregularities in you nasal shape by altering the tip, slope or altering the appearance of your nostrils. The doctors of Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah can also correct certain breathing problems related to the internal nasal structures.

We perform rhinoplasties most commonly on men and women under age 35, though it can be performed on people of any age. Assuming you are in good health, there is no upper age limit for having your nose reshaped. We sometimes perform rhinoplasty to correct aging changes of the nose such as a drooping tip in conjunction with a facelift, blepharoplasty or brow lift.

The doctors of Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah use a variety of techniques to reshape your nose. The appropriate techniques will depend largely on the goals established before surgery. In many instances, all of the incisions will be placed inside your nose so that there will be no external scarring at all. If you want to narrow the base of your nose or reduce the size of your nostrils, small wedges of skin at the base of your nostrils will be removed.

Fortunately, significant complications from rhinoplasty are infrequent. We will discuss all the risks and potential complications with you in your consultation. However, we have many happy rhinoplasty patients in the greater Utah area who can give you referrals.