Mommy Makeover

Happy mother and her children lying on a bedOn average, women gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. This weight is stored as fatty tissue in the breasts, abdomen, flanks (love-handles), hips, lower back, buttocks and thighs. The breasts also grow due to weight gain and increasing sizes of the milk ducts in preparation for nursing. But don’t despair, as a mommy makeover can help you look your best again.

As the baby grows, so does the abdomen. This may result in a weakening and separation of the abdominal muscles and stretching of the abdominal skin. The stretching may cause a breakage of the skin collagen, also known as stretch marks. These unsightly marks are purple-red in color and are concentrated around the belly button and lower abdomen or on the breasts. These effects often become even more apparent after childbirth and nursing.

Many new moms do lose their excess weight – eventually. Unfortunately, the weight loss is not proportional to the amount of fatty tissue in a given area. That means for some, more weight may be lost from the breasts or buttocks than the abdomen and waist. The result? Smaller breasts despite fullness of the waist and abdomen.

Once a woman finishes breastfeeding, the breasts deflate even further and begin to sag. The weak abdominal muscles and the excess abdominal fat appear as fullness and bulging of the belly. Many new moms may still look pregnant even as their child is taking his or her first steps.

A mommy makeover can help reverse these changes to the breasts and abdomen. For the breasts, breast augmentation or breast lift is performed to correct sagging and restore lost volume. With the abdomen, a woman usually undergoes full tummy tuck surgery because having children can stretch out the abdominal wall, the musculature of the abdomen, and the skin around the tummy area.

Most commonly, women want to have one surgery undergoing multiple procedures because there is one recovery period, one leave from work, and one period of time away from children. Therefore, a single surgical appointment can manageably fit into their lives better than multiple times for the different procedures.

Recovery from multiple procedures at once can last longer. Typically, recovery from tummy tuck alone can take up to six weeks. With the added surgeries of breast augmentation and possibly liposuction, there is a longer road to recovery, which patients need to fully understand.

Women respond very well to the results of mommy makeovers. Returning to their pre-pregnancy form, women feel better in and out of clothes and retain a more youthful appearance.