Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant RevisionIf you are thinking about changing your breast implants, you’ve been through primary breast augmentation surgery already and know what the procedure is like. The revision procedure has many similarities, but also differences. Breast augmentation revision is often more complicated than primary breast augmentation because there are elements from the previous surgery such as the implants and scar tissue.

Breast augmentation revision can be performed to correct a problem such as capsular contracture or post augmentation asymmetry. Another common reason for revision is to increase the size of your original breast implants. Increasing the size of your breast implants by only 25-50ccs will not provide a noticeable difference. We recommend increasing size by at least 100ccs, depending on what your goals may be.

Because breast augmentation revision is generally more complex than primary breast augmentation, it should be performed by a surgeon with experience specifically in revision. The doctors of Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah have extensive experience in complex revision cases and will make sure that you have the best outcome possible.