Anti-Aging Treatments

Chemical PeelThe doctors of Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah offer a host of anti-aging treatments to keep you looking youthful and energetic. Scientific advances in the field of anti-aging have advanced rapidly over the last 10 years. Improvements in laser skin resurfacing, the use of muscle relaxers like BOTOX and Dysport, and the introduction of a host of dermal fillers allow us to craft an anti-aging plan unique to your situation and desired outcome.

Skin rejuvenation and other anti-aging treatments are not only for patients who are getting close to middle age. Our doctors have helped patients of all ages benefit by offering a wide variety of procedures. For example, patients in their 20‘s can benefit from laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels to eliminate sun damage. Laser skin resurfacing and dermal fillers can help treat acne scars in people of all ages. For teens, a proactive program of regular chemical peels can help prevent acne scars by lessening the severity of acne.

Older patients can benefit from dermal filler treatments, such as Juvederm, Radiese, and Restylane to fill deeper wrinkles and lines such as those found around the eyes or mouth. These same patients will also benefit from the application of BOTOX and Dysport to relax certain wrinkle causing muscles in the face.

Our patients consistently report that anti-aging treatments can lead to a positive outlook and improved self confidence.